Shoalyn Brown


Shoalyn Brown

Shoalyn Opal Brown is a woman of Freedom. After deeply exploring her passions for Art + Design, attending the Charter High School for Architecture + Design and attending Moore College of Art + Design. Being exposed to many different outlets in creating helped me with freedom of expression in this world. The many different ways to create or interpret Art and even the many ways to collaborate gave me the confidence to define limits. A Creator and Designer in many scenes such as Fashion Design, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Painting, Jewelry, and more! After graduating from Moore College with my BFA (Bachelors in Fine Arts) in Fashion Design and a Minor in Business, I begin to be driven by my purposes.


Being out of college and experiencing the world from a different lens as an aged child. This lens bought up some harsh truths about the world and the disconnects in preparation from childhood to adulthood. I had to learn I am in control of who I am in this world, what freedom is for me, and how I want to show it, fight for it, express it and expose it to those I can reach especially the children. Leaving a full-time job in a field that wanted to control my ability to connect with children who have aged, seeking healing and treatment for addiction. Hearing their stories from childhood and even their attempts at self-advocacy, I have seen the restriction to provide for them underneath this system, so I chose to go a different route. A route that has no limits and is diverse in age, and my involvement in the community, connections, and communications.


During this journey across about two years, after going out doing creative events, meeting many people, participating in self-discovery workshops, working in a barbershop, becoming a doula, and more. I was led to what started me on this journey to begin with, which was Freedom and the protection of children and their futures. During this time, I learned I wanted to be working with children particularly, in helping them with a foundation that would withstand throughout the duration of experiencing the bittersweet gift of life. I noticed, that I needed to seek my own healing, and In doing so I had to face some things about my childhood and begin my own personal development, self-care, healing, and regulation as an aged child. I knew me facing myself was going to help me, help others face themselves no matter how difficult it may be. I knew I would be able to connect better with the children.


As a young child, I was “diagnosed” with ADHD and ODD. I’ve had various different treatments or assistances from Kindergarten to College when I chose to let go of my IEP. It wasn’t until after being out of college for 2-3 years, that I noticed how much my ADHD really affected my transition from childhood to adulthood. I eventually chose to start doing yoga on a regular basis to regulate my thoughts and anxiety. This came about when I became a Pre-K Teacher for the first time alone. I came to a realization that my “diagnosis” affected my ability to move freely in this world as an adult. Most importantly for me, my ability to provide as a teacher for 0-5-year-olds. I never would have thought yoga would have helped me as much as it has with everyday life and my career. I even introduced it to the classroom, where I had children who were on the spectrum and were not receiving the proper assistance in the space. During our time we were all learning about ourselves and each other. It enhanced my perspectives and my purpose as a teacher of young children. It shined a light on my natural ability to help people overall create an omnipresent space for themselves where they feel free, thriving, and beyond capable of greatness.


Naturally coming across Yoga 4 Philly prioritizes community, mental well-being, connections, staff appreciation, togetherness, and more not just with adults who chose to join the donation-based yoga but holding space specifically for children to experience as well. Becoming a part of Yoga 4 Philly, was the perfect kick start to actively prioritize my wholeness journey for not just myself but for my community, the growing team, and the children of the community! Words could never describe my gratitude for being a part of the beginning of a revolution for the inner to outer healing of whole communities from mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and just children across the world!