Tineya Cotte


Tineya Cotte

Yoga Sharer Assistant

I began exploring Yoga and Meditation in 2021. At this point in my life, I’d been working as a social worker for 6 years and found myself struggling to deal with the constant exposure to trauma and work-related stress. Trying to rationalize and mentally process my experience proved to have its limitations and I was determined to find another way. I turned to Instagram in search of a yoga class that best resonated with me and stumbled upon, Oya’s Sacred Space. I took my first private Kundalini yoga class with Oya and fell in love with how I felt, instantly. 


I felt a sense of ease. I felt anchored. I felt uplifted and I felt mentally clear. This was an experience that I wanted to have more frequently, so I enrolled in a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training program and turned to Instagram once again, searching for a community to connect with. I wanted to be of service, and I wanted to be of service with a community that was in harmony with who I am. 


Yoga 4 Philly’s mission to make peace, love and healing accessible through yoga and meditation is what drew me in. But the energy I experienced at their 3rd anniversary event locked me in. Yoga 4 Philly is inclusive. Yoga 4 Philly is diverse. Yoga 4 Philly is authentic. 


I am excited to assist Yoga 4 Philly’s Yoga Sharer’s, and to grow within this impactful community.