Donation Based Yoga

Yoga & Meditation should be accessible to everyone – period.

Our dream is to host donation-based yoga and meditation classes year-round and all throughout the beautiful city of Philadelphia! To date, we have been in Northwest Philly (Mt. Airy), South Philly (Friends of Stephen Girard Park), Bucks County (Neshaminy State Park), and West Philly (Cobbs Creek Park). 

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Amanda and Brian were a part of Yoga 4 Philly’s first donation-based yoga in park summer class series in 2019. Faithfully attending every class, Amanda and Brian walked to our welcome table with their beautiful smiles, shared their support, and rolled out their yoga mats ready to participate in the yoga flow. Returning again in 2020, the connection between Amanda, Brian, and Yoga 4 Philly continues to grow. Prior to taking Yoga 4 Philly’s classes, Amanda shared that their anxiety levels were at a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being none at all and 10 being severe. After consistently taking Yoga 4 Philly’s yoga classes, Amanda’s anxiety level has been reduced to a 3. As a result, she feels more grounded than ever before. According to Amanda, “Yoga can be a life changing activity. On days I incorporate yoga, I am a more positive person.”

Brian reported feeling 40% better. His anxiety levels were at a 7 and as a result of taking Yoga 4 Philly’s classes, his anxiety levels were reduced to a 5. With scoring an 8 in the area of grounded-ness, Brian looks forward to his weekly class with Yoga 4 Philly. Brian testifies, “I look forward all week to Saturday morning and yoga practice. It helps center me for the week and remember my breathing as I go through everyday life.”

Yoga 4 Philly, exists to make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga and meditation. We are deeply thankful for the opportunity to interact and flow with beautiful people like Amanda and Brian. In the words of Amanda, “We need more folks like the Yoga 4 Philly team in our world to guide us in being happier, healthier, and better to each other.”

– Amanda Detweiler and Brian McCarthy