Meditation 4 You

Email in**@yo*********.org your name and the days and times that are convenient for you to register for your private donation-based online meditation session with Steven!

Each session will last up to 30 minutes (or less). Each session will consist of preliminary introductions (or catching up) for about 10 minutes and a guided meditation for about 20 minutes or less (depending on your desires). Once the registration has been completed and accepted, there will be a private link emailed to you where you will meet Steven live for your private meditation session.

We look forward to meditating with you! Om 4 the World!

There is no set fee for each 30-minute private online meditation session. Yoga 4 Philly is committed to trusting the generous hearts of people like you.

Your tax-deductible donation will go towards helping us make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga & meditation!

In each session, Steven sends time listening to you, inquiry about your goal(s), provide information (as necessary, and guide you in your customized meditation.

Our Philosophy

Yoga helps us settle our nervous systems, release tension in our bodies, listen to our hearts, and ease our minds. Over time, we can teach ourselves to relax more deeply and drop into the present moment.

Being present opens us up for authentic connection with ourselves and others. Practicing vulnerability and trust through yoga, we build a foundation of unconditional positive regard.

Turning inwards, we make room for our emotions and thoughts to flow through us without judgment. We tap into our inner wisdom and guide, tethering us to the universe.