In January 2015, while in a dark troubled place mentally and spiritually, which St. John of the Cross would call the Dark Night of the Soul, Steven felt the need to “do something different”. After listening to Russell Simmons discuss the need for everyone to practice yoga and meditation and to embrace a vegan lifestyle, Steven said, “ok – let me try this.” From following Yoga with Adriene YouTube yoga practices to actively being a part of the Sync Yoga and Wellness family in Dallas, TX, Steven found a vehicle in Yoga & Meditation that brought him into the light. As Steven found peace, healing, and self-love on the yoga mat, he felt convicted that yoga should be accessible to everyone. Little did he know that the conviction would move him to officially launch Yoga 4 Philly (Y4P) on April 23rd, 2019.

Yoga 4 Philly is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to creating a safer, more supportive society in Philadelphia. Our mission is to make peace, love, and healing accessible through yoga and meditation. This means meeting people where they are whenever they show up on the mat and offering a helping hand on and off the yoga mat. Y4P offers yoga and meditation classes for schools, nursing homes, community centers, shelters, businesses, and more. Y4P also offers private yoga and meditation classes and life coaching/counseling sessions in a 1-on-1 or group setting. 

There is so much to learn about Yoga 4 Philly! Feel free to browse through our site and connect with us should you have any questions, request, and/or want to celebrate what we are doing in the world!

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Yoga and Meditation should be accessible to everyone. Period.

Why does partnering with Yoga 4 Philly matter?

Hear what some of our partners have to say about why partnering with Yoga 4 Philly matters?

Administrative Community

“The Admin Community is the foundation and structure by which Y4P thrives. There are no words to express how thankful I am for my team who make this vision a reality.” – CEO Steven

Yoga Sharers (Teachers)

“Our Yoga Sharers (instructors) are the ones who are turning our world right side up. With their diverse approach, coupled with love and intentionality, our students’ lives are forever changed and inspired to be a part of the quest for a better social world.” – Yogi Steven

Board of Directors

“Here is a group of smart, experience, and socially conscious individuals who believes in the vision for Yoga 4 Philly. The board of directors are our overseers and protectors. I am deeply thankful for the time and energy that is spent ensuring Yoga 4 Philly is on the right track.” – Pres. Steven

Our Philosophy

Yoga and Meditation should be accessible to everyone. Period.


Yoga helps us settle our nervous systems, release tension in our bodies, listen to our hearts, and ease our minds. Over time, we can teach ourselves to relax more deeply and drop into the present moment.


Being present opens us up for authentic connection with ourselves and others. Practicing vulnerability and trust through yoga, we build a foundation of unconditional positive regard.


Turning inwards, we make room for our emotions and thoughts to flow through us without judgment. We tap into our inner wisdom and guide, tethering us to the universe.

“To make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga & meditation.”


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Everything that we do stems from our mission to make peace, love, and healing accessible to everyone through yoga & meditation!

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Your support will assist us in providing yoga and meditation classes for good people like you, our precious senior citizens, our talented school students & administration, and the beautiful humans who are or have been entrapped by drugs, various addictions, and sex trafficking.

Thank you for your support!

Wear Y4P

“We must learn to live together as brothers (and sisters) or perish together as fools”

– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

As an entrepreneur, I've learned just how important it is to set aside "me" time to relax my mind while getting in-tune with myself; something that I have now incorporated into my daily routine.

Steve took his time directing me through the sessions and I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether you are seasoned or newbie.
Taphy Spencer
CEO & Director, Barbara Jean’s Legacy Child Care, LLC
"Steven has been wonderful to work with and has always been there for me in my journey practicing yoga, thank you, Steven!"
Robert Gallo
Business Owner
“The teachers and staff are consistently excellent.”
Yogi & Community Member